Who Are We

Who Are We

Friends of St-Joseph’s Manor is a non-profit charitable organization established in 1996 that welcomes autonomous and semi-autonomous residents. We are the only private non-profit assisted living home in the province of Quebec. Our staff is also dedicated in making a positive difference in the lives of each of our residents. Our History

Our board of directors consists of 7 volunteer members from different municipalities across the Pontiac.  Board of Directors (2016-2017)

We have four (4) different size rooms available for a total of 29 private rooms, which can accommodate a total of 31 people.  Private Lodging

We continue to offer respite services, which provides a break and/or a holiday to caregivers. The respite service is also a transitional accommodation to those recuperating following a hospital stay. In 2016, we welcomed 24 different people to our respite service for a total of 1070 nights.  Respite

Our frozen meals are becoming more and more popular; in 2016-17 we prepared and delivered 2,440 meals to our customers (nearly 500 meals more than the previous year). We also prepared and delivered more than 400 hot meals, two days a week to our Campbell’s Bay clientele.  Frozen Meals and Meals on Wheels Service

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